Emma Rose Lynn is a fabulous voice teacher -- the best I have ever encountered, and I have studied with several teachers over the years. Her lessons are efficient, focused, and well organized, and they are also fun and enjoyable. She builds on what we have covered in previous lessons, and also goes back and finds new ways of presenting and reinforcing earlier concepts that I might not yet have fully grasped. I like the way she incorporates various additional ideas and techniques (such as Alexander) and "life lessons" into the study of voice. She is an excellent diagnostician, and is very good at identifying vocal challenges/unproductive habits and then helping the student find the right tools for overcoming them. She is smart, perceptive, and funny, and also very supportive and positive, and she creates a wonderful "safe" learning environment. I have been recommending her to everyone I know who wants to get more out of their voice and their singing.


--Julia Heydon 

Vocalist with Byrdsong Ensemble and The Motet Singers

I'm so glad to have started up with voice lessons again! My experience working with Emma has been incredibly positive, and it's lovely to work with someone who enjoys teaching as much as she does. Emma runs a very professional and well organized studio. She's an effective communicator, with the ability to explain concepts and address issues in a variety of ways, versus one method that may or may not resonate with every student. I appreciate her attention to details while also maintaining the ability to provide perspective on the well-sung performance, overall. Lessons with her have been inspiring, enlightening, challenging, and always fun!


--Brooke Cagno

Eugene Opera Chorus Member, The Motets

"Emma teaches voice from a wellspring of knowledge and energy. She observes her students' responses and adapts the content and the style of her instruction to elicit their most musical performance. I have seen her move coherently from discussions of vocal anatomy and kinesthetics to questions of characterization, communication, and emotion. Her teaching style is bold, fast-paced, and (in group contexts) never fails to engage the whole class. She is unafraid to confront students about punctuality, inadequate work, and insincere performance, but her tone always remains inspiring; I come away from class and lesson infected by her dedication to music and eager to practice. As a graduate student I regularly interact with teachers of extraordinary brilliance and credential. Emma is one of the best."


--Daniel Daly

Professional composer and vocalist

Alex (Emma's husband), and Marko (everyone's favorite dog) taking advantage of the studio space to get some good practice in!

It is a delight and pleasure to be working with a skilled vocalist who is also an enthusiastic and effective teacher. Emma's approach is to carefully cultivate the sound of the individual's voice. Rather than presenting the student with a series of hurdles to jump, she carefully works to enhance all the techniques and approaches that lead to a more accomplished and pleasing sound. And she and her students have great fun while doing this!


--B. W. Bopp

Avocational singer and member of the Central Lutheran Choir

Additional Testimonials...

"Emma does a fabulous job of working to figure out how students learn and what methods of teaching are best to use for each of her students. She honestly tries her best for each of us and that is apparent in lessons." --Lindy M.

"Emma's teaching style is incredible. I learned more from her in my 10 weeks of lessons than in 6 years in city choir." --Parker B.

"Emma is a wonderful voice teacher, who clearly knows what she is talking about. She individualizes the lessons for each student based on their skill level, while also keeping a general theme throughout all of her students, and talks about it during studio. Emma is excited about teaching, and loves seeing her students learn and grow as singers. She keeps studio a fun and energetic learning environment." -- Lauren H.

"Emma is great! She knows what she's doing and she is so understanding, comforting, and approachable. She focuses on the feeling of your voice, health, characterization, and delivery of your piece." --Paige F.

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