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Our Sovereign Voices:
Reckoning, Resourcing, and Renewing our Roots.

A community care circle for singers with lived experience in the western classical tradition.

This 8 week live Zoom facilitation will examine the culture of western classical voice training through:

-Reckoning with aspects of this tradition that have caused collective and individual harm through the perpetuation of colonial and Eurocentric ideals of elitism, beauty, health, tonal ideals, and ability.

-Learning to resource ourselves through embodiment practices, recognizing and affirming our boundaries, and unlearning the practice of perfectionism.


-Renewal and reclamation of singing for pleasure, honoring the land we sing on and lineages we sing within, celebrating the bodies that sing with us, and creating a more vibrant and just singing culture for future generations.


When: Jan. 4-Feb. 24, 2022, 9am PT/12pm ET-10:15amPT/1:15 ET

Who: Facilitated by Emma Rose Lynn and Megan Durham

Where: Zoom

Cost: $400 (equity pricing available upon request)

How: To fill out a registration form, reach out to:


Join us on a journey of self-discovery and connection to community!

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