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New Students:

Thank you for your interest, and I'm so glad you're curious about voice study!


Emma's studio is currently at capacity, however schedules change and studio spots do become available. If you would like to join her waiting list, please write a message and include answers to the questions 1-4. 

In your message please answer: 

1) Whom may I thank for referring you to this page? 

2) What is your previous musical experience? (Instruments, choirs, bands, previous lessons, etc)

3) What are your goals for voice lessons? 

4) Would you like to be included on my on-call cancellation list? This means that until a spot opens up in my studio, if someone is sick and needs to cancel their lesson, I will send you a message so you can take their spot for a one-time lesson. 

5) Current pricing is $50/40 mins, $60/55 mins.

Interested in studying with Emma? 

Thanks for submitting!

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