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Welcome to my favorite page of my website, where you get to learn a little bit more about what makes me tick as a human being, get a peek at my insatiable curiosity, access resources that have profoundly affected me as a human being, as well as access resources that I have created and or curated on this page in order to aid my students in their learning process. 


To access Emma's Voice Studio Google Drive, click here. 

  • Contains: Studio policies, recommended readings for further research, digital copies of handouts you may have received in lessons, recorded practice tracks, vocal exercises and etudes, etc. A virtual treasure trove! 

For those who live in Eugene, OR: The University of Oregon is an incredible resource and has an immense music collection on the top floor of the knight library. Community members can get a library card for a very reasonable yearly fee, and they have scanners available.

The Art of Breathing



Recommended Reads for the Curious Mind:

An Incomplete List


[If anything catches your interest, click the underlined words to open the articles in a new page]


The Art of Practicing









The Art of Finding Sheet Music


A note about repertoire and sexism/racism:

Take a look at your repertoire list. If you have only ever sung or programmed music by European composers, or only music written by men, a great resource to create more diversity in your musical life going forward is the Institute for Composer Diversity


Classical Repertoire:


For editions that are in the public domain, visit:

To buy musical scores not in the public domain, visit: 

If you're having trouble finding what you need, email: 

  •  Glendower Jones at <>.

  • He's very well known and respected in the field, and is very helpful. Yes, you can reference a real human in this process! 

Musical Theater and Pop Songs: 


For song suggestions, or ideas on what to sing next, this is a great blog: 


To buy pop music and/or musical theater sheet music: 

For karaoke tracks or accompaniments: 

Other helpful resources: 

  • (subscription based, has all types of media) 

  • (open-sourced notation technology: great for creating your own arrangements and transcriptions, or finding other self-published arrangements. Browse judiciously, they are not professionally published so many contain mistakes, etc.) 

The Art of Learning to Sing on Youtube


It's a tricky game, because anyone can put up a Youtube video, regardless of their expertise. However, there are some gems in the rough, and this channel is one that I condone - the videos are dorky and informative, a perfect blend! I find his teaching is pedagogically sound and factually based, and it's important to note that it's geared more for a pop audience, but there are useful tips for all genres of singing.  However if you ever experience pain or discomfort while practicing on your own, make sure you contact a voice teacher in your area who can help diagnose what's going on and design exercises to help you find more freedom and ease in your singing.   

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