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Radical Voice Love

Radical Body Love

6 singers per class

Guiding question: How can I allow my singing voice to be holistically supported by my structural design, such that I experience consistent ease, freedom, and joyful coordination in my singing?


Are you curious how your feet, arms, pelvis, and the atlanto-occipital joint are all intricately interrelated with singing? This class is for you!


We will be using the modality of Body Mapping (a derivative of the Alexander Technique) to increase the accuracy of our body knowledge and address postural imbalances, learn fundamentals of holistic vocal technique, learn Spellsongs for radical body and voice love, and apply our skills in class a small and supportive group of 6 fellow singers.


Participants receive: 

  • Eight 55-min classes of live instruction for $175

  • Recordings of original Spellsongs and vocal exercises for at-home practice

  • Guided instruction in BodyMapping, a body-based modality for locating places of discomfort in the body and gently inviting the whole system into a state of greater balance and ease while singing.

  • Access to a community of 6 like-minded kind and compassionate singers.

  • 55 mins, twice a week set aside in your schedule where all of you is welcome exactly as you are, when you are, and where you are. We will sing (and make all sorts of noises!) together from this place of presence.

  • Guidance in the fundamentals of healthy, joyous, supported, and embodied singing.

  • An opportunity to unwind from your day, share a few laughs and tears, and stretch out of your comfort zone.

In this 2xw class, we  celebrate and explore the voice as a tool to access and express our alive inner worlds through skill-building exercises, new songs, and vocal practices that help cultivate spiritual resilience and radical body & voice love. 

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