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What is "Singing for Self Care?" 

In "Singing for Self Care," we explore how to use the human voice as a healing modality.


Self Care Singing is a therapeutic approach to singing that includes breathing exercises, meditative singing, emotional equity practices, and original medicine songs to ground and center internally even as your external world continues to change and evolve.


It is an incredible tool for managing and mitigating stress, anxiety, and depression, and -- if I do say so myself -- it is worth the investment of time and courage. It can be a life changing, revolutionary self care practice.


This is an evolving offering I'm making in response to the unprecedented situation we're all in with COVID-19. You might be self-isolating, but you are not alone.


If you have a mind, body, spirit, and voice, you are welcome in this community.

This class is currently on pause. Please feel free to peruse the archives below! 


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