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The Empowered Voice 

Learn to sing. 

Cultivate a joy practice. 

Find your voice. 


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Clara S. 
Beginning Voice Participant

"I think this class ought to be a pre-requisite for self-discovery, recovery, any kind of growth really...Emma teaches skills that transcend a singing voice. Her use of creative visualization, body movement, and problem solving allow her student to forget self-criticism and grow rapidly. I feel stronger, and more joyful after participating in Emma's group lessons...not to mention I sing better too!"

"The learning is holistic - Emma interweaves embodied experiential learning and academic critical theory in a masterful way that provides students with the structure and space to transform...all with delight, play, and gratitude woven throughout the learning process." 

Bernie B.
Private Voice Student

It is a delight and pleasure to be working with a skilled vocalist who is also an enthusiastic and effective teacher. Emma's approach is to carefully cultivate the sound of the individual's voice. Rather than presenting the student with a series of hurdles to jump, she carefully works to enhance all the techniques and approaches that lead to a more accomplished and pleasing sound. And she and her students have great fun while doing this!

Geena G.
Empowered Voice Participant 


Drop by our new studio location at Art City Studios,160 E Broadway, Eugene, OR!

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