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Voice Class


$175 for a 4 week session

Wednesdays and Fridays @11:00am

September 22nd - October 13th

Ages 18 and up.

Location: online

6 singers per class

Ideal participants are curious and excited to learn new songs, improve their singing ability, and practice performing. No prior experience necessary.

Registration Open Now! 

This is a class for the curious solo singer. If you love singing along to the radio, in a choir, at a karaoke bar, you write your own songs, or you have always wanted to take voice lessons but have never taken the leap, this class is for you!


Each week we will discuss a different aspect of the art of singing, followed by practical application of the skills learned in class. Topics will be guided by the interests of the group, and may include breath management, rhythm and groove, body awareness, balance, tone, pitch, sympathetic vibrations of sound, singing as meditation, and navigating performance anxiety.


Singers will learn a group song and work to apply their skills in a practical way, and each singer will have the opportunity to prepare a song of their choosing to workshop and perform in a safe, friendly, and student-oriented learning environment from the comfort of your own home.


Practice time outside of class is highly encouraged.


I loved Beginning Voice Class! It was so helpful to have the chance to support each other and give and get feedback from my peers, and I loved that the class was small enough to allow for individual attention. I felt that Emma was so patient, and her teaching skills are outstanding. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn to sing. 

—  Candy W., Beginning Voice Class Spring 2019

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